Star Bundle: Jooki Player, 8 Tokens + 5 Figurines (Save 7%)

Star Bundle: Jooki Player, 8 Tokens + 5 Figurines (Save 7%)

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Jooki is a music and stories speaker designed specifically for kids: interactive and tactile, colorful and top-quality, portable and durable, safe and secure. Restore that precious screen-free space for your child to dance, imagine, and dream!

A Jooki gift-box includes a speaker, as well as two colorful tokens. Using the Jooki App, parents can easily associate content (a Spotify playlist or MP3 file) to a token.

When kids place a token on Jooki, your selected playlist will start - it's magic at their fingertips!

Jooki Features at a Glance:

  • WiFi & BLE connectivity
  • Spotify Connect (wifi needed)
  • Jooki App is compatible with IOS version 9.0 and Android version 4.4
  • Eight hours of battery life


What Do I Get in the Box?

  • One Jooki music and stories player (5GB internal memory)
  • Five figurines: Wanda the blue whale, Mia the green dragon, Liam the orange fox, Dan the grey knight, and Alex the white ghost
  • Two pre-programmed tokens with songs: orange and blue
  • Six tokens in turquoise, pink, red, green, purple and yellow
  • One USB charging cable


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