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Jooki 2nd Generation | Rainbow (8 Tokens) | Pre-orders

$74.99 $111.98 saving $36.99
Jooki 2nd Generation | Rainbow (8 Tokens) | Pre-orders

Jooki 2nd Generation | Rainbow (8 Tokens) | Pre-orders

$74.99 $111.98 saving $36.99

Our recent pre-orders were an immense success!

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Jooki Features at a Glance:

• WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity
• Spotify Connect (wifi needed)
• The app is compatible with IOS from version 9.0, Android from version 4.4, MAC and PC
• Eight hours’ battery life

What Do I Get in the Box?

• One Jooki music player Generation 2 (8GB Internal Memory)
• Eight Tokens Generation 2 
• One USB charging cable 

What Makes Jooki 2nd Generation the Best Music Device for Kids?

• Jooki is a refreshing screen-free alternative to keep your kids away from smartphones. With ToyTouch technology & fully customizable audio content, you are free to copy your favorite music & stories from old CDs, podcasts, and audiobooks to Jooki's INTERNAL MEMORY, or stream them with Spotify Connect or through BLUETOOTH!

•  And there’s even more to it! The Bluetooth feature now allows Jooki to support wireless headphones so parents don't have to worry about wires that break or kids getting tangled.

• After parents use the Jooki app to create playlists and link them to the tokens, kids are free to take over and safely choose which track they will listen to. 

• Jooki 2nd Generation comes with an intuitive and easy way to trigger playlists. By simply placing one of the tokens onto the center of the Jooki it will start playing.

• Jooki's new rotary buttons make it even easier for small hands to control the volume they want and skip or go back to previous tracks.

• We all want to encourage our kids’ independence. Still, boundaries are also important — which is why the Jooki app also offers parental controls, such as the ability to turn off Jooki remotely at bedtime and limit the maximum volume level. 

Want to know more about why Jooki is the best music device for kids? Get in touch with our team today. We're happy to answer all your questions, or you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Jooki.