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Sharing Songs and Creating Memories With Your Child

Sharing Songs and Creating Memories With Your Child


There are many songs from our childhood we still listen to (dearly), and many because of our parents' influence. It could be from the expectation built from the verse to the chorus, or the thought of looking beyond the issues and having a beautiful day. Beautiful Day by U2 though, has a straight connection with the sweet memories I have of sunny days in the back yard talking about music with my father.

Lifetime of musical appreciation

Nursery rhymes and musical toys are a great start! The repetition helps kids learn and the energetic sounds make family time a lot more fun for both children and parents. They also set the foundation for a lifetime of musical appreciation. But don’t be afraid of introducing your kids to new songs! The best music library for your children includes a wide variety of genres. After all, don’t you want to show them all of your favorite songs too? 


With all the technology available today, helping children to build their musical taste is so much easier. We don’t need to go to a record store anymore, or buy a whole CD for a couple of really good songs. Even if we wanted to, finding a child-friendly CD player isn't an easy task. With wifi music players we stream only what we want, and the options seem to be limitless. It’s like all-you-can-eat music buffets!

Spotify for kids 

The downside is that with so many options it could be tricky for parents to find the time to discover new songs for kids. It’s even hard to keep with all the new grown-up songs. Thinking about all the parents who are music lovers we created some playlists on Spotify for quality family time because in the end, no matter what kind of music you listen to, sharing new songs with your kids is a beautiful experience! 

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Story by Fernanda Silva
Marketing at Jooki