Screen-free Music and Stories

with ToyTouch™ technology

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Meet Jooki

Jooki is the smart music player that lets kids choose and listen to music and stories with ToyTouch™ Technology.

Magical ToyTouch Technology

Kids activate a new song or story with the gentle touch of a toy.

From fairytales to chapter books, Jooki grows good habits

Children are listening to music and stories on their own & off their parents’ phone.

What’s a parent to do?

Use your computer or your phone to pilot Jooki

  • Parents are in control

    With Jooki applications (web and mobile), parents choose their own music and stories by uploading MP3 files or streaming Spotify. They link playlists to Jooki’s Characters.

    Kids only use Jooki's characters and won't ever need to touch their parents’ phone ever again!

  • Jooki works with a mobile app to stream Spotify

    At home, when connected to your wifi, Jooki can stream any playlist from Spotify Connect. You will need a Premium or Family account.

    See below how easy it is to use Spotify on Jooki.

  • Jooki works with a web dashboard to upload MP3 files

    • Upload audio files (MP3) via your computer at home when connected to your wifi.
    • Use Jooki outside at the park, in the car:
    Jooki will play all audio files that have been uploaded.

  • Link your playlists to characters

    Parents link each Jooki Character to the playlists they have created (through Spotify or with MP3 files).

    Kids only use the Characters to play music or stories screen-free!

Spotify on Jooki

Listen to your Spotify playlists directly on Jooki.

  • A better way to enjoy music

    With Spotify Connect, your kids can independently play Spotify playlists directly from Jooki.

    Once you have linked a character to a Spotify playlist, no smartphone is required, ever. You will need a Spotify Premium account to use Spotify on Jooki.

  • Play

    Make sure your Jooki and device using Spotify are on the same Wi-Fi network.

    Fire-up the Spotify app on your phone, tablet or laptop and play a song.

  • Connect

    In the Spotify app select Devices Available. Select a Jooki speaker and start listening.

  • Link

    Fire up the Jooki app, and pick a character to link to your playlist.

Watch Jooki's video

Discover how fun and easy it is to use Jooki

What our customers say about Jooki

My daughter turns her Jooki on as soon as she wakes up! Still a lovely gift & part of my little ones daily routine (so much so she’s forgotten the television exists ).

“I love that Jooki allows my kids to finally play their own music when they want to without our help. I also love that you can maximize the volume to protect their hearing. My 3yo instinctively knew how it worked and she knows which figurine is linked to which music. It's great! It's so great, that we even use it to play our own "grownup" music ”

"Jooki is amazing! The build quality is robust, perfect for kids with no worry it will be broken. The design is well thought out and executed. The interface is very user-friendly for the parents to control the playlists, tokens and characters. The biggest problem you will have is the kids trying to decide what to listen to!"

"The Jooki is a great device. It has good sound quality, is easy to setup and control, is very intuitive in use (our 2 yr old immediately knew what she had to do with the stars), is robust (read: child-proof), and can be used everywhere.

Our kids (2yr and 5 yr) use it very intensively, to sing, to dance, to go and listen to a story in a cosy corner, or just to listen to some music. And we, we use it just as intensively after bed time (to stream web radios, or to easily playback our old cd-collection)."

“Such a good idea, I wanted my son to be able to listen to music but he can’t be trusted not to break a CD (he’s grown up enough that he wants to ‘do it himself’) and I didn’t want him to be in front a screen wen choosing the music so Jooki is just perfect!! He listens to bedtime stories on it which has made bedtime so much easier!”

“It was the kind of present you search for a very long time. Since it got unwrapped by our son it runs almost in every situation. It has not lost any attraction over the time because it can be the focused toy or keeps running some songs in the background while playing with other toys. And at the evening always some stories and adventures are running until he falls asleep. It's pretty easy for kids to handle. Just make sure you take the few setup steps before Jooki gets unpacked and you will experience a great device and happy kids.”