• Meet Jooki

  • The Kid's Music & Story Player for a Screen-free Childhood.

National Parenting Product Award

2019 Winner, USA

Best in High-Tech for Kids

2019 Mam'Advisor Winner by MagicMaman, Paris

Most Innovative Product

2017 Distree Connect, Paris

Best of CES 2017 Awards

GAMbIT Magazine, Las Vegas, USA

About Jooki's Technology

Jooki's founders patented their innovative use of NFC technology and electronics, with the result that kids only need a figurine or a token to operate Jooki. No screen involved.

ToyTouch® Technology

Full Customization

Anytime, Anywhere

Jooki Reviews

I love that Jooki allows my kids to finally play their own music when they want to without our help. I also love that you can maximize the volume to protect their hearing. My 3yo instinctively knew how it worked and she knows which figurine is linked to which music. It's great! It's so great, that we even use it to play our own "grownup" music.


Jooki is amazing! The build quality is robust, perfect for kids with no worry it will be broken. The design is well thought out and executed. The interface is very user-friendly for the parents to control the playlists, tokens and figurines. The biggest problem you will have is the kids trying to decide what to listen to!


Such a good idea, I wanted my son to be able to listen to music but he can’t be trusted not to break a CD (he’s grown up enough that he wants to ‘do it himself’) and I didn’t want him to be in front a screen wen choosing the music so Jooki is just perfect!! He listens to bedtime stories on it which has made bedtime so much easier!


It's the kind of present you search for for a very long time. Since it got unwrapped, our son has not put his Jooki down. Jooki can run songs in the background whilst he plays with other toys. And in the evening always some stories and adventures are running until he falls asleep. It's great entertainment and pretty easy for kids to handle.


We got our autistic son a Jooki for Christmas because he loves scrolling his iPad for music, but we wanted to reduce his screen time- this fits the bill perfectly! This is a GREAT idea for special needs kids on the go! Thank you!

IG @dee3free

Bought my girls this for Christmas! My husband and I are having so much fun deciding what music to put on it. Thank you for such an amazing product!

IG @inspiredjamie